Joe Hand Promotions and J&J Sports Promotions are the exclusive licensees of many UFC many boxing matches shown on television throughout the country. They regularly sue bars, restaurants, owners, officers, and directors of those establishments for allegedly showing the fights without the proper license. J&J Sports and Joe Hand (along with G&G Closed Circuit Events, among others) frequently send demand letters alleging that bar and restaurant owners improperly showed boxing or UFC matches. Those companies then file lawsuits alleging that the bars and restaurants lacked the proper license to show the fights. These suits are brought under the Federal Communications Act (47 U.S.C. § 553 and 47 U.S.C. § 605).

The federal law governing these suits imposes strict liability on defendants. That means the act of showing the UFC or boxing match without the proper license–even if an employee ordered the fight without permission, and even if the owner didn’t know he or she did anything wrong–can lead to severe financial consequences in court. Additionally, federal law allows J&J Sports Promotions and Joe Hand Promotions to recover their attorney’s fees if they succeed in their lawsuit.

The Texas attorneys of Gardner & Smith have defended clients across the state in their fight against Joe Hand Promotions and J&J Sports Promotions. We have a perfect record in these cases.