LGBT Issues

Obergefell may have opened the door to same-sex marriage in Texas; however, there are still a lot of questions up in the air, and Texas law is slow in catching up.  Same-sex divorces should be as easily granted as straight divorces, but there are still several areas where gay rights are not quite the same as straight rights. A gay couple’s rights to their children are not as clear cut as a straight couple’s. In addition, there are lingering questions regarding community property ownership, common-law marriage, and parentage presumptions.  If you are or were in a same-sex relationship and need advice on how to separate your affairs from your ex, you need an attorney who knows how to handle these issues discreetly and sensitively.  Susan Smith litigated the first same-sex divorce in Tarrant County, and understands the needs of the LGBT community in Tarrant County, Johnson County and other surrounding counties.


Beyond the same-sex family law issues, families are taking many forms, and many more couples are “out” with their alternative lifestyle, whether its gay, straight, trans, or poly. However, Texas law will not always protect each parent in such an alternative lifestyle. If you are fighting to maintain your place in your child’s life, and have a “less than mainstream” lifestyle, it is imperative that you consult an attorney familiar with these issues that can discreetly (or publicly) call the court’s attention to your situation.


We can also help with name changes, a correction of gender identity, and other LGBTQ-specific issues.