Is A Court-Imposed Family Law Order Permanent And Unchangeable?

We’re pretty sure at the established Fort Worth family law firm of Gardner & Smith that most readers of our blog posts can quickly and confidently answer the question posed above in today’s blog headline.

And, yes, the correct answer is exactly what you’re thinking it is. Although judicial orders concerning important matters like child custody and support are authoritative and meant to be abided by, they’re aren’t necessarily deemed to be in force forever.

Because families change over the years, with their circumstances and needs evolving, as well. We duly note that on our firm’s website. We stress therein for any Texas resident affected by a family law ruling that, “As time goes on, you may see the need for a modification of a court order regarding child support, child custody or divorce terms.”

Here’s a caveat to note concerning modifications: Although courts certainly do alter original family law agreements from time to time, they hardly do so casually or based on arguments they regard as trivial or flimsy. If you seek change, be relatively sure that you’re showing a judge new circumstances that reasonably support a modified arrangement.

A proven legal team of family law attorneys with demonstrated experience advocating for clients seeking modifications to original agreements and orders can materially help with that. Experienced legal counsel can present persuasive arguments and underscore significant life changes that support modifications to orders that are more attuned to new realities.

We note at Gardner & Smith that we help valued clients “strategize for an agreement or ruling that is up to date with life changes.”

We welcome contact to the firm from individuals having questions or concerns regarding this important aspect of family law.