Is Co-Parenting Stressing You Out? Apps May Provide Some Help.

Summer break is now in full swing, and kids have been out of school for several weeks. If you are a divorced or divorcing parent sharing custody, summer can be a frustrating time. On one hand, it provides great opportunities to go on family vacations and give the kids unique experiences like summer camps. On the other hand, it may mean regularly doing custody exchanges with your co-parent or getting into disagreements about last-minute changes to the schedule.

There is no easy to solution to a highly acrimonious relationship between exes. But if the tension with your co-parent is mostly sparked by logistical issues or oversights that seem like thoughtless mistakes, technology may provide the key to smoother and more successful co-parenting.

recent online article shared more than a dozen apps created for or commonly used by divorced parents and families. They offer a great many features, including:

  • Coordinating schedules in a group calendar
  • Organizing logistical duties such as which parent is driving the kids to after-school events
  • Keeping track of custody exchanges, including exact time and date
  • Tracking child support payments and keeping a record of shared expenses
  • Improving communication between divorced parents
  • Sharing photos and family messages on a private (family-only) social media platform

It is often difficult to keep track of information and coordinate schedules in two-parent households. When parents are divorced and may not be on friendly terms, it can feel impossible. Thankfully, apps like these make the process a lot easier and, hopefully, more successful.