Prenups Are Basically For Wealthy Marrying Partners In Texas, Right?

National tabloids and entertainment-linked stories frequently spotlight prenuptial agreements when they chronicle celebrity divorce tales. That reasonably implies for many people that discussing and executing a marital contract prior to getting hitched is something almost exclusively reserved for wealthy couples.

In fact, that is far from the truth. A prenuptial agreement commands broad-based utility in legions of marriage across Texas and the rest of the country. We stress on our website at the established Fort Worth family law firm of Gardner & Smith that virtually “every couple who plans to wed can benefit from signing a prenup.”

For starters, a couple’s prenup-focused discussion prior to marriage – especially when candid and dispassionate – is routinely educational and can help them embark on their union with an important understanding of finances and personal goals. As such, a prenup is often a key planning tool that can promote solutions rather than disagreements down the marital road.

Prenups can also identify and legally control outcomes concerning property categorized as “separate” rather than “marital.” Partners sometime enter marriage with an inheritance, owned business interest or other assets they seek to safely protect in the event of a marriage breakdown. A prenuptial agreement is the ideal instrument for ensuring that outcome.

There is this too: In the event one partner enters marriage with an alarmingly high level of debt, a prenup can serve to protect the other spouse from additionally being saddled with it following divorce.

Increasingly more people these days are recognizing the utility of prenuptial contracts as planning devices and protective instruments. Proven family law attorneys well experienced in helping clients negotiate and execute such agreements can provide further information.